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Course Instructions – Medical Device Development

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Basic Course Instructions

Welcome to Medical Device Development! I hope you will find this course
useful, exciting, and informative. Please read these general course instructions before
doing anything in the next Module and beyond.
Course Schedule
Unlike classroom courses which take place in physical locations, this course is completely online.  You work at your own pace and there are no deadlines to fulfill, except perhaps those placed on you by your supervisors who expect you to earn a certificate through this course.

Course Lectures
Lectures are video recordings that are divided up into "Modules".  Each module contains anywhere from 15 minutes to about an hour of lecture materials. There will be at least one course lecture each Module. Generally, the course lectures will be broken up into smaller portions that are more manageable, so you may need to view multiple lectures to get the whole material for the module.

Course Materials
Sometimes a Module will have some additional materials uploaded.
These could be links to websites or articles to read. Be sure to download these materials
and use them appropriately.

Additional Instructions
If there are any additional instructions pertaining to specific weeks, they will be posted as
separate files under the appropriate week.

Forums and Participation
If you are reading this, you have found the forums.  A "Forum" is a place where people can post thoughts and questions to me or each other, a bit like they do on a regular social media website, but posts in a Forum are organized into "Threads".  A thread contains a single idea or topic and starts out as a single post by someone who expresses the idea.  Replies to that thread show up as individual posts underneath the first one that started the thread.

You may start a thread or post about any topic that is relevant to the course.  I have also supplied many Discussion Topics to supplement your course interaction and give you applications and deeper things to think about for each Module. Feel free to answer and discuss my posts with me or create your own.

Spiral Medical Development

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