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Familiarity of eachothers work

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From a project management standpoint, when you have multiple parts to a team, say one group taking care of one aspect of a project and another working on another project, do you think it is important to take precious time out of the deadline to make sure that everyone has a working idea of what everyone does, or is it better to skip this step and give back precious time back to the teams to finish faster?




Posted : 18/04/2022 12:01 am
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When the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, in my experience, this can lead to conflict. If you don't provide the story, the story will be provided for you, and many times it won't be factual.

Also, to "skip the step" of briefing the team may sound expedient, skipping steps in a process is not advantageous, ultimately the step will need to be revisited and may add additional cost to the project.

Not to mention, that to keep the team without knowledge is to establish an environment of working in silos.

Posted : 18/04/2022 2:49 pm
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It is a good practice to make sure your team is well informed and that they understand their roles. People who have a clear understanding of their tasks tend to be more efficient. 

Posted : 20/04/2022 7:53 am
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@kellyepcarter I agree Kellye, communication is key to the success of a project.

Posted : 20/04/2022 7:54 am
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Time is certainly of the essence when deadlines are looming. However, communication is vital within teams as well as with any stakeholders involved. Without communication, there can be double efforts and even misalignment within the teams.

Posted : 20/04/2022 7:49 pm
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When there are diverse teams on the same project it is very conducive for the team members of all the teams to familiarize themselves what each role and expertise they possess. In this unique way of managing a project, it will help tremendously if a team becomes short because of a happenstance a team member from another team can possibly fill in for that missing team member(s). I would call it cross-knowledge

Posted : 20/04/2022 10:31 pm
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I agree that it's very important for each team to understand the work of other teams for a better flow of project and bring all groups under one melting pot. A successful PM will always connect each teams through great communication. Each team should understand and respect the deadlines of other teams because often times one team's work depends on completion of another team's work. Having knowledge of other teams responsibilities will help in successful completion of project. For example, if you are in material selecting team and you don't know what regulatory team may require, you are only delaying the process further. Having some basic knowledge of FDA regulations may help eliminate some screening time by the regulatory team. 

Posted : 21/04/2022 1:28 am
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Working as a time and familiarizing each other with the general points or themes of the work that each of you is doing is crucial to project team success. It does not require an extensive amount of time to become familiar with each other's work and how your individual tasks affect each other. Familiarizing yourselves with multiple parts of a project can give different insights and perspectives on a project. This can also allow you to assist one another with tasks, if necessary, potentially saving time and budget. 

Posted : 23/04/2022 11:39 pm