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    I always wonder where people like to work more or what they would opt for: Small CRO or Big Pharma? Personally, I have worked at both but given a choice I would definitely choose CRO since it is a small group and there are higher chances of growing and making impact. Being in small group, it becomes your family and work becomes fun. Although, less chances of salary raise and very repetitive. Big pharma i like their benefits and salary! But as a career wise, I would not like it due to politics and pressure. Please share your experiences.

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    Keep in mind that pharma trials are very different from device trials, i.e. Phase I, II, II vs. no phases. The larger CRO’s can do both types, but there are smaller ones that specialize in one or the other.

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    From a Big Pharma standpoint in terms of clinical research, it is very money driven and results driven. For example, for a double blind test, the intent is to remove as much bias from the test subject and investigator as possible. However, because of this, statistical test can be fabricated and systematically wrong. Many test can give false negatives and false positives. For a pharmaceutical company, they will only want to publish the positive results of the study which leads to publication bias. This can easily be done if they don’t register their test prior to running it. By doing that pharmaceutical companies don’t have to disclose all their test results and open it up for scrutiny.

    A CRO can possibly do the same, however since a CRO is a third party they can likely give more push back to register clinical studies prior to executing them.

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    Generally I feel that working in a small CRO is better. It makes you to develop yourself and gives you lot of experience to move in to the world of Big Pharma. Innovative excellence and growth in the career only happens if you know everything from the scratch of the domain. So it would be better.

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