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Accepting job based on company.

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I personally think that early on in your career (for example recent graduates) you have the option to be more open to working anywhere that will give you an exponential amount of experience that will eventually take you extremely far in your career field. Regardless, it is still extremely important to do your basic research on the the things you mentions: financials, stocks, customer/employee reviews, rankings, etc. It is also so important to know your worth and value toward this company. Is there something you want to change within this company? Is the company to structured to the point where there is rarely any change? These are questions I ask myself when looking at new opportunities as well. Finding better employment elsewhere cannot be assured by the name (alone) of the company where you currently work. At the very least, though, the reputation of the business for which you work can be linked to the values it instills in its personnel. 

Posted : 22/03/2023 9:49 pm
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As I plan on beginning a career in genetic medicine, I would be looking for a company that aligns with my immediate interest. That being compensation, work experience, and work culture. At this point my main goal is rack up experience, so I the company I initially work does not have to have as many resources as larger Fortune 500 companies has access too. However, later in my career I will be looking for a position that grants me access to senior level employment, and benefits to support myself and my family in the later years of my life.  

Posted : 24/03/2023 11:32 am
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I don't think the type of company I want to work for depends on if it is an LLC or a C-Corp or a partnership.  As long as I am getting paid, I am going to be submitting my W2 at the end of the year and getting taxed on the money no matter what.  Now if I wanted to open my own company I would definitely care what kind I would do.  I would want to be a S-corp. I like that its not double taxed.

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Posted : 24/03/2023 11:50 pm
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I don't think that I would turn down a job based on the type of company it identifies as. As long as the job meets my requirements when it comes to benefits, pay, culture, and growth potential, I am open to learning how to navigate the environment. The company that I currently am employed by is a start-up company however a more developed start-up and has interesting policies. Watching the company go from public to private to merging with one of its largest competitors was more emotionally draining than anything. 

Posted : 25/03/2023 9:43 pm
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This is a very good question with many interesting perspectives being posted. For me, I usually would not apply to a company if I were not okay with they type of organization. I consider all aspects before deciding to join. However, I will soon be a recent graduate school graduate and the current job market for certain STEM fields has been quite volatile. As the current economic landscape is now, I believe I would take a position at a more established, reputable, and financially stable company than a start-up. That being said, if I were afforded the luxury of financial independence, I would most likely choose a start up that offered stock options as it is a place that could foster growth and its success would be more meaningful as I would have been directly involved in said accomplishment. 

Posted : 23/04/2023 3:46 am
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This is the most difficult aspect of the conversation but also the most important. There are myriad reasons a job won’t be a perfect fit and many of them are perfectly plausible and valid. Others may be harder to justify or voice. Even if your rationale strays from the politically correct or socially acceptable, 99% of the time you can communicate even the most delicate of reasons in a professional and tactful way.

Posted : 23/04/2023 7:58 pm
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