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What role would best fit your experience/skillset in clinical research?

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In lecture this week, we learned about the different roles one can have within Clinical Research, such as a CRA, Data Manager, or Project Leader. Which role do you think would suit you best for your experience/skillset as an individual?

For me, I feel that my experience lends me towards being a CRA or perhaps a Clinical Quality Associate. I've worked in Quality for my current company for a while and although the current industry that I am in is much different from Clinical Research, I believe that I would be able to contribute well and consider myself a good candidate for a Clinical Quality Associate.

Posted : 30/10/2022 8:54 pm
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It was interesting to get to know about all the different positions within the clinical research realm. Currently in my role I am a research and development engineer at a medical device company but I am really starting to become interested in project management. In the recent months I have learned more about the responsibilities and functions of project management positions and also that it takes some people years upon years to truly master the project management concept. Not only do I feel like I would be a good project manager/leader because I have started to develop the passion and skills for it, I also feel that the challenge itself interests me a lot. Alongside this, any position that could be "hybrid" and incorporate clinical knowledge to it would be a bonus because project leaders do often need to know about the clinical aspects of the devices that are being modified or created within the projects. I would love to know what positions others in the class find interesting and why! 

Posted : 30/10/2022 9:24 pm
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Since I’m currently working as a manufacturing engineer in the medical device industry, I can see myself fitting best in the Sponsor role when it comes to clinical research. The sponsor is the organization actually paying for the clinical trial to occur; in the case of medical device manufacturers, they will sponsor a trial in order to prove to the FDA that a new device is safe and effective before it is released to the market. The sponsor is responsible for actually designing the study and creating the protocol that the study will follow, which interests me more compared to the various other clinical trial roles because it seems like more than just administrative work; you have to be familiar with scientific principles and how your product functions. In my career I’ve had the opportunity to help develop various validation protocols and have taken a Design of Experiments (DoE) course, so I think that experience would definitely help if I chose to pursue a more clinical-focused career path.

Posted : 30/10/2022 10:27 pm