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Where to Find Historical Clinical Trials?

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If a device is on the market today, are the clinical trial results available to the public?  Is there a way to find and review historical clinical trial results for a particular device?

Topic starter Posted : 16/01/2022 10:54 am
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You can find the results for different clinical trials online for medications, medical devices, etc. offers key facts about registered trials, including study design, administrative information, and results summaries. It is a database resource that is open to the public and maintained by the National Library of Medicine it has parameters you can search from to find specific devices, trial studies, etc.

Posted : 28/03/2022 3:27 pm
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After a clinical trial ends, the results are often peer reviewed before being published in a scientific journal to ensure accuracy and integrity. This means that other medical experts who were not involved with the study will examine the results before it’s published to ensure that the conclusions are accurate. Pubmed Database and are goo starting point for finding historical data from clinical trials. Unfortunately, over half of the results aren't published, often because cases that only studies where the treatment was successful in treating patients will be published. Another reason a study may not have results available is if the trial ended before it was completed. A follow up method could be to contact the sponsor of the clinical trails to obtain the data that way.

Posted : 02/04/2022 11:36 am