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PM certification benefits

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Project management is the basis of getting things done. They lead and guide a team’s work to create a successful project and reach designed goals. There are additional certificates you can obtain to better show your value in being appointed a project manager. What certificates are available to obtain and how does it prove an employer your the one for the job?

Posted : 05/03/2022 3:32 pm
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I think the most obvious benefit of obtaining any type of certification would be acquiring new skillsets. Gaining this knowledge will definitely open more opportunities for career growth. Relative to project management, I believe it is essential to continue to learn new things and gain certifications in a wide range of areas due to the level of responsibility that is placed on a person holding that job title. Project managers are expected to oversee an entire operation from beginning to end all while planning the scope of a project, leading a team of workers, and solving issues that may arise (just to name a few). Project management certifications will help an individual gain the necessary hard and soft skills to remain successful within their field of work. Although certifications aren't always required, I think it definitely shows a person's dedication to growing in this field which is very advantageous to not only themselves but the company and clients they serve.

Posted : 07/03/2022 10:44 pm
Kyriea C
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As with any certification or degree, it is a piece of paper that essentially proves that you know or have learned a certain amount of material. It proves to someone without them having to ask or be shown that you have been exposed to certain aspects of a topic. However, for something as hands-on as project management and managing people and programs, I think it would be difficult to translate a certification to real-world experience. As certification proves that you know HOW to do something, not necessarily that you CAN actually do it. I wonder how this disparity is perceived by employers. Are they likely to hire people with certificates but little experience? Or are they mainly basing their hiring choices on the experience a candidate has? If that is the case, what significance does obtaining a certificate give?

Posted : 30/06/2022 2:52 am