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Organizational structure and Culture both leading to project success?

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I think that culture and structure influence each other but they are separate entities within a company. Culture is more of how people work and interact with each other while structure deals more with factor such as who they are around, their schedules, their position, and their position in climbing up in the ladder. A company can have an effective culture but an inefficient structure which could lead to incompatibility and failure. I believe that the culture within a company has to be compatible with the structure in which the company runs in. Culture starts from the managers and the company leaders and effective leadership with open communication and positive reinforcement can lead to a successful culture.

Posted : 05/12/2017 2:05 pm
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The culture and structure of an organization can influence the way projects are managed and executed. If the organization follows a good, project management process, then chances of success of project increases . The project team member should know the effective ways to handle risks and other issues. The team members should be people with right skills and right job training. The organizational structures can strongly affects ability to deliver projects and the ability to share resources. The structure can determine how well you focus on projects and how easy it is to share resources between organizations. Projects that are aligned with organizational culture have smoother implementation and higher success rates .

Posted : 24/11/2018 2:40 pm
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I also agree with what has been said about the success of organizational structure. I believe it can be applied to any type of project and works great for medical device development. The culture this type of structure brings is an environment that is welcoming and encourages everyone's success. The chances of success are very high since there is this constant communication not only to those on the project, but communication within each department. With an organizational structure:

1. There is a constant encouragement/push to complete your part of a project since all other departments depend on your work to complete their work.

2. Having the ability to work with your department gives you quick access to helpful resources when you need it and can get beneficial advice from your department AND those from other departments working on your project.

3. Because of the need to work with one another, this structure creates welcoming environment and culture.

Posted : 25/11/2018 5:23 pm
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Organizational structure and workplace culture are definitely correlated. If a company wants to use a matrix structure it is important that there be a relaxed environment where everyone feels they can express their ideas freely and without consequence. If a worker has two managers, that means they will have pressure on them form two places. So it is important that they be able to talk about their problems and what they think is the best way forward. This will also help to develop a better relationship between the managers and the managed. If the managed feels like they are appreciated then they won't mind having two bosses, but if they fell like they are getting yelled at on two front then they will be more likely to internalize it and be a less productive worker.

Posted : 25/11/2018 5:46 pm
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Organizational culture and structure can influence a project in many different ways. It will definitely impact what resources the business is willing to allocate for your project and how quickly and efficiently it can be done. Sometimes, the problem with following through on a project may not be internal, rather external because there are some issues with how the organization operates that it may lead to a disruption in your own project. You may not have easy access to a department that you need for consultation because of some rules within the company itself. Also, what the company values in assessing results is reflective of the culture as well. I believe that it's important for a company to have a uniform, coherent structure that span all different levels in the hierarchy because that allows for optimal performance in the business. This way, people will be one the same page as to how they do things and therefore what they can do in accordance to the culture.

Posted : 25/11/2018 5:52 pm
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Posted by: @hg93

As Dr.Simon have mentioned there are different types of organizational structures. Any project is affected by project management system, culture, style, organizational structure and also project management office can influence the project.According to me, organizational structure is responsible for organizational culture.It plays a significant role in the creation of work environment, works ethic and view of an authority relationship.I believe the modern composite type of organization structure may lead to great work culture.It is because such kind of structure involves various levels of the organization together which is beneficial for building and developing healthy work culture in the organization.

Question for all, how organizational culture and structure both are correlated and influence project? Is composite organization structure is suitable for critical projects or all type of projects

I believe there should be a balance in order to ensure that all the work which needs to get done, gets done. On the other hand you do not want to create an environment which employees dread coming to. This can be achieved by providing the basic work environment that maximizes productivity. Should an employee cause issues to others, this should be remedied quickly, as it will cause problems to work production. However, there is no need to make the workplace an amusement park either, so having the balance in mind is important to maintaining both structure and culture. 

Posted : 20/11/2021 3:01 pm
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Organizational culture plays a big a role as it allows for the projects to flow smoothly without any road blocks. Culture environment and structure sets up significant role in the creation of work environment, works ethic and view of an authority relationship. Additionally depending on how the culture is, its makes it easier for an employee to reach out to his or her superior for issues. In some cases, I have seen that the culture is so tough that it makes it very difficult for anyone to approach a superior to discuss issues and road blocks to makes the project go easier. 

Posted : 21/11/2021 5:50 pm
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Organizational culture and organizational structure go hand in hand. Organizational culture generally impacts organizational structure. This is because a company's culture is essentially the framework for the company and as such every aspect of the company must align with the company's culture. Additionally, company culture influences top management framework and ideals which further defines the rest of the organization. The structure mirror the culture. In other ways, the organizational structure partially defines a company's culture. For some organization's, the structure may define the nature of the company. For example, depending on the organizational structure a company may have a more competitive culture than other companies structured differently. In your opinion - does structure influence culture or does culture influence structure? 

Posted : 24/11/2021 7:09 pm
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Both organization tactics; culture and structure both affect the overall outcome of any company. The organization is key to success, the steps you will take to accomplish the end goal are determined by the structure. It’s very important to have a structure so the employees know exactly what and how they will do their assignments. However, culture plays a bigger role. Culture is the environmental atmosphere of the workplace. If your employees are given a peaceful, supportive, and team-like environment, they will motivate each other and will want to work harder because their mind is clear and happy. If the culture is welcoming and positive, then the structure will be more effective.


Nuran Kavakli 

Posted : 25/11/2021 8:36 pm
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Organizational culture is a system of shared values, norms, and beliefs that are internally and externally promoted. An organization's culture typically attracts talent who are like-minded and have a personality that would blend in well with the company culture. Therefore, an organization may draw employees who are motivated by innovation, looking to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, have an appreciation for volunteering, and demonstrate a history of teamwork. Typically, company culture affects aspects of a business, given an organization that is laid back may have employees that do not value punctuality or professional growth. Consequently, organizational culture can be a major influencing factor to organizational structure and practices. For example, a company that is very competitive in nature models a market culture which is results-oriented and a company that is structured and values seniority demonstrates a hierarchy culture which is process-oriented and more likely to fit the mold of a multi-divisional organization. A composite organizational structure blends functional, project-based, and matrix organizational structures to produce the highest quality projects the most efficiently and thus these company's would need to cultivate a culture which would make it possible.

Posted : 26/11/2022 3:45 pm
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The structure and culture of any team will be very present in any project being worked on. Especially if it is a long-term goal, these aspects will be highlighted and seen by everyone involved. It is important to have both a good organizational structure and organizational culture when working with others to achieve a shared goal. The culture is going to be made up of everyone involved and this is due to everyone coming from a different background and sharing different ideas with the team. The organizational culture of a team is something that should be embraced and encouraged to help develop new ideas and innovation for the team. The organizational structure will deal more with how the team is run and how everyone will be working together with each other. As you can see, both of these aspects are crucial for a team to produce great results and it can be very easy for either of these aspects to be abused and create a toxic or hostile work environment. These are two very distinct topics that can lead to a major influence to the project, either in a positive light or negative. 

Posted : 26/11/2022 8:36 pm
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