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What is the difference between project management process and design control?

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In the lecture, I saw the relationship between the project management process and design control.

It is stated that design control is not necessarily project management. It is a series of documents and things and tasks that are needed to design medical devices. However, it does not tell how to plan the task, dependencies between tasks, and manage resources. Therefore, project management and design control both are required.

However, I am not fully clear about the difference between them. Can you kindly explain this to me?

Posted : 18/02/2024 4:18 pm
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Think of it this way - design controls are what you have to do to develop a medical device, project management is how you get it done. Design controls involve key milestones and documentation that needs to be done and the project manager manages all the team member activities to achieve these milestones and document the essential documentation in a PLM system.

Posted : 19/02/2024 12:41 am
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A complete structure for managing every task of a project, from project initiation to project closing, is provided by project management processes. The primary goal of project management processes is to guarantee that projects are finished on schedule, within budget, in accordance with specifications, and to the satisfaction of all parties involved. On the other side, design control is primarily concerned with overseeing a project's design and development stage. Design control's primary goal is to minimize design-related risks while ensuring that the finished product satisfies all requirements, including functional, performance, regulatory, and customer requirements. 

Posted : 20/02/2024 1:40 pm
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Design controls are what is required to complete a project. Project Management is what's required for it to go SMOOTHLY. To be more specific, design controls (if done correctly) are a surefire way to meet regulatory standards and thoroughly document each stage of the project. This is true for every project that goes through design controls, no matter which company completes them. Project management is specific to each company. Each company has a different management style and completing projects with different companies doesn't always go the same way (despite having to follow the same design controls). Project Management ensures that the project is completed to success while taking into the company's resources, timelines, and risks into account.

Posted : 25/02/2024 9:11 pm
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The project management process and design control are two distinct but interconnected concepts within the realm of project execution. When looking at the distinction between the two, the main difference would be the objectives of both. In project management, the primary objective is to ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and according to quality standards. Furthermore, it is also crucial to meet the expectation of the stakeholders within the process of project managements. On the other hand, when looking at the design control, which is considered to be a subset of project management, the objective slightly differs. The primary objective of design control is to ensure that the final product or solution meets customer needs, regulatory requirements, and quality standards. Therefore, it is pivotal to minimize risk and maximize efficiency when undergoing this step in the process. In summary, while project management process provides a comprehensive framework for managing all aspects of project execution, design control specifically focuses on managing the design and development phases of a project to ensure that the final product meets specified requirements and quality standards.

Posted : 25/02/2024 9:41 pm
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Design control is a crucial part of project management, especially in projects related to product development, engineering, or construction. It starts from the beginning of the project and continues through design, development, testing, and final delivery. During project management, project requirements and design specifications are gathered and analyzed. It ensures that project requirements are accurately translated into design parameters, aligning project objectives with design outcomes. Both project management and design control prioritize documentation and traceability. Project managers handle project documentation like design blueprints, details, and change notices successfully. It also ensures that design documents are detailed, precise, and linked to requirements and choices. Effective project management involves finding, evaluating, and dealing with risks throughout the project's duration. Design control also includes risk management processes specific to design tasks, including determining design inputs, examining possible design flaws, and putting risk reduction strategies into action.

Posted : 26/02/2024 12:10 am