Landing Your First Medical Device Job: Three Ways to Stand Out

Medical Device Lecture
For most of the last decade in my position as an Adjunct Professor teaching courses on medical device development, I have met roughly a hundred people per year seeking their first jobs in the field. Luckily, the majority of them eventually find employment and a happy ending, but the struggle to get there is real and one of the areas where I try to offer help (and at times, ...
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Regulatory Considerations for Project Management – A Mini-Simulation
A new type of module will be added shortly to the Project Management for Medical Devices.  I call it a mini-simulation or miniSim.  The first one, here, will cover the impact of the FDA and regulatory considerations on medical device project management. Click here to check out the miniSim!  
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Project Management for Medical Devices

Project management for Medical Devices Course
This is a basic online course about how to manage medical device projects for new professionals or those just  entering the field.  Courses in Project Management (PM) abound both in the classroom and online. However, nearly all currently available courses focus either on generic PM or specific industries such as construction and software development. There is a decided lack...
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