Landing Your First Medical Device Job: The Case of The Foreign Student
Through fact of enrollment and sheer numbers, the majority of my students as an Adjunct Professor teaching Medical Device Development courses have been from India. I frequently give them advice on how to find their first jobs working on medical devices and how to interview for positions as research scientists, quality engineers, regulatory associates, and even the occasional me...
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Landing Your First Medical Device Job: 3 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing

In my last article about landing your first medical device job, I talked about three ways in which you can stand out. Having taught nearly a thousand students the art and science of medical device development at a graduate level, I have not only been witness to the "crash and burn", I have been the target of it. At least once per semester, and at least once per article written,...
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Navigating The New European Union Medical Device Regulations

Guest post from Scott Avery The changing landscape of European Union (EU) medical device regulations will have a profound impact on the medical device industry. Upcoming revisions to the regulatory framework within the EU will affect the ability for a medical device manufacturer to legally sell a medical device in the European market. Currently, the EU regulatory framework c...
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Landing Your First Medical Device Job: Three Ways to Stand Out

Medical Device Lecture
For most of the last decade in my position as an Adjunct Professor teaching courses on medical device development, I have met roughly a hundred people per year seeking their first jobs in the field. Luckily, the majority of them eventually find employment and a happy ending, but the struggle to get there is real and one of the areas where I try to offer help (and at times, ...
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Regulatory Considerations for Project Management – A Mini-Simulation
A new type of module will be added shortly to the Project Management for Medical Devices.  I call it a mini-simulation or miniSim.  The first one, here, will cover the impact of the FDA and regulatory considerations on medical device project management. Click here to check out the miniSim!  
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Rise of the Robots

Surgical Robot Market
Guest post by Khemraj Singh, New Jersey Institute of Technology From bank tellers to ATMs. From cashiers to self-checkouts. From toll collectors to EZ-Pass. From accountants to income-tax preparing software. Technological improvements such as these have contributed significantly to the betterment of consumer lifestyle. These advancements were all deviations from ...
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Medical Device Courses: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are commonly asked about taking medical device training courses through this site: 1. Do you have any classroom training or session in my Country X? These courses are all completely online and can be taken from anywhere with Internet access.  In-person seminars are available. However, the fees would include travel expenses and would be more ex...
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Design Controls for Medical Devices

Design Controls for Medical Devices - 21 CFR820.30
Design Controls for Medical Devices is a brief online course/webinar that gives a fast introduction to 21 CFR Part 820 Section 30, which is part of the US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) that governs medical device development. As a "quick hit" induction to the subject, this course works wonderfully for getting new trainees to hit the ground running. The content for this ...
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Selling A Product To A Personality

Chameleon Selling - Spiral Medical Development
Old martial arts movies, including those of the sci-fi variety which have wise green aliens always have a scene where the student sits at the feet of the master and soaks up knowledge.  Drinking in every word the teacher says, the intent is that one day the student will be able to "take the coin from the master's hand", which is a sure sign that the knowledge has passed down. T...
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